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The Mythological Archetypes of the Zodiac Cycle
by Semira & Vitaly Vetash


sign, planet
historical stage
mythological archetype
PISCES: Neptune epoch of cataclysms, awakening of consciousness primary Chaos, Sea gods, Great Mother
AQUARIUS: Uranus migrations, assimilation of new lands god of the Light Sky, Great Father
CAPRICORN: Saturn finding the native land, family organization, arising of agriculture gods of the Earth, Time and Fate
SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter social organization, forming of religion god of Thunder, Chief of pantheon
SCORPIO: Pluto development of cattle breeding, struggle of farmers and nomads god of subterrane an world, cattle and richness
LIBRA: Vulcan (Chiron) definition of state boundaries, smelting of metal, creating of civilizations god of agreement, divine Smith
VIRGO: Proserpine (Ceres) agricultural development, taming animals, demarcation of casts Mother-Earth,dying and resurrecting gods of vegetation
LEO: Sun invention of wheels and chariots, foundation of empires Solar god, god of disk of Sun
CANCER: Moon development of epos, conceiving traditions gods of the Moon and motherhood
GEMINI: Mercury invention of writing, development of trade and science, towns-states messenger of gods, god of writing, trickster, cultural heros
TAURUS: Venus penetration to nature, cultural blossoming, wedlock establishment goddess of love and fertility, Star of Venus
ARIES: Mars affirmation of personal rights over a tradition, coming to monotheism gods of war and wisdom, shepherd, leader and pastor

* * *

Studying universal archetypes of different mythological traditions creates a fundamental basis for the penetration of astrological knowledge. The signification of the individual planet is really understood by a person only when it is fully perceived by his psyche. A archetypical image serves as a key for our perception. If the image is subjective, the key opens only the door of one's own flat, whereas the mythological archetype serves as the master-key to the human psyche.

Myth offers something typical for every person. "There is always a lot of the mythical whithin the typical because anything as typical as myth is an original pattern, an initial form of life, an out-of-time scheme, a formula determined in ancient times, in which conscious life aspires to rediscover ever present features of it's existence, and is thereby shaped." This was said by Thomas Mann who was also interested in astrology. In the novel "Joseph and his brothers" he even depicted the horoscope of Joseph, using mythological names of Babylonias gods instead of the roman.

Astrological studies is closely connected with the development of artistic associative thinking. One studding this science, even remouved from concerns of artistic perception may happen to dream bright images of planets. He may be astonished having recognized that the subject of his vague dream was none other than... Jupiter in Pisces! But that is quite natural: one's psyche having found in the archetype something of it's own, reacts to it with a vibrant emotional response. Jung wrote that archetypes, as constant universal elements of human nature, "when they become more definite for a person, may be accompanied with alive emotional tunes... they are able to influence, impress, inspire." The associative thinking which overcomes the domination of the left logical cerebral hemisphere, leads to an integral perception of the world which reflects the simultaneous work of the both hemispheres.

In the modern world the notion of the universal is deprived of imaginative beauty and is connected with the word of pure logic. But doesn't this mean that we are impoverished in comparison with ancients, who didn't separate thinking about things from their sensual perceptions? We simply ignore the phenomena that spoke to them constantly, talking fairy tales. 'Amplifying' the role of archetype that Jung wrote about, or the 'animistic' function of myth that the mythologist Taylor concentrated on, connects the outer world with the inner reality of our psyche and permits us to recognize it's richness.

Myths belong to eternity and that is why they have not vanish into the past. Nowadays one searches for the cradle of civilization in Atlantis or Tibet or in the motherland of the heavens to prove that the original unity of mankind really existed. But it is given to us in our thoughts, in our everyday astrological participation in cosmic rhythms, and in the universality of myths through which it is revealed. And ordinary people manifest archetypical qualities in their day-to-day life: so as in the determination of their psychotypes even now the ancient gods live.


Sign / regionPISCES source, depth AQUARUIUS spirit, motion CAPRICORN substance, restriction SAGITTARIUS organization, expansion
GREECEPoseidon, Hydra, Nereus URANUSKronos, Gaea, titans Zeus, Artemis
EGYPTNun, Seth Nut, ShuGeb, Tatenen Horus
SEMITESYammu, Leviathan Baalshamem, Sabaoth El/Ylu, YahwehBalu/Baal
MESOPOTAMIATiamat, Apsu An, EnlilEnki, Aruru Marduk, Teshub
IRANApam Napat, Thrita AhuramazdaZervan, Spandarmat Zoroastre
INDIAApas, Trita Chaya Dyaus, Vayu, Varuna, Aditi Prithivi, Dharma, "rita" Indra, Parjanya, Brihaspati
SLAVSrusalkas, Vod'anoy, Triglav Svarog, SvyatovitRod, Sud, Chur Perun
BALTICSAutrimps Dievas, Ilma/Jumala TrimpsPerkunas, Torum, Ukko
GERMANICSNjord,Irmundgand Tiw/TyrMidgard, Jord Thor/Donar
CHINAHuntun AehianTai-Sui Huang-Di
INDIANS (american)Mamacocha AvonavilonaIzamna Tlaloc, Mixcoatl
characteristicsprimary chaos, fertile waters, sacrifice mystery clear sky, creation of the world, great father, space, retirement native land, creation of the people, time and fate, death, offering head of pantheon, god of thunder, fertile rain, battle with viper

Sign / regionSCORPIO potential, trial LIBRA culture, mastering VIRGO order,fulfilment LEO power, wholeness
ROMEVejovis, Dispater Orcus VULCANUS, Quirin, Juno PROSERPINE, CERES, Tellus SOL Apollo
GREECEPLUTO, Hades, Erinyes CHIRON, Hephaestus Demeter, Persephone, Dike/Astraea Apollon, Helios
EGYPTOsiris, Anubis PtahRenenuteth, Neperi, Maat Ra, Aton
SEMITESMutu, Sheol Kuthar wa KhusasAdonis, Eshmun Shams, Yarickbol
MESOPOTAMIANinurta, Ereshkigal Ishum, HasamilDumuzi, Telepinus Utu, Estan
IRANAhriman, Vala Mithra, Kava, Aryaman Sura AnahitaHvarnah/Farn
INDIAVritra, Mrityu, Yama, Shiva Mitra, Tvashtar, Ganesha Sita, ParvatiSurya, Savitar
SLAVSVeles, Morena, Yascher Svarozhich, Radogast, Semargl Mat'-Syra-Zeml'a, Porevit Dazhbog, Khors
BALTICSVelnias, Patols Kalvis, Ilmariinen Potrimps, ZeminaSaules, Usin's
GERMANICSHel, Ruttu Voelund, HeimdallNerthus, Baldr Sol, Sunna
CHINADiyu YuNu-Kua Yan-Di
INDIANS (american)Tezcatlipoca QuetzalcoatlCoatlique Tonatiu, Sue
characteristicssubterranean world, fertility of bowels, richness, cattle, destruction, demons treaty, law, divine smith, craft, mastering of fire, helper of thunder god agriculture, dying and resurrecting, fulfillment of law, purification integrity benefits, disk of the Sun, chariot, horses, rivalry with thunder god

Sign / regionCANCER heredity, bearing GEMINI mind, coordination TAURUS nature, life ARIES struggle, person
ROMELUNA, Diana MERCURY, Romulus and Remus VENUS, Bona Dea, Maia MARS, Bellona
GREECESelene, Leto Hermes, HeraclesAphrodite, Eos, Eros, charites Ares, Athene, Pan
EGYPTKhonsu, Taurt Thoth, SeshatIsis, Apis, Hathor Amun-Montu Sekhmet
SEMITESYarikh, Tinnit Melkarth, TaauthAstarte, Allahat Rashaph, Anath
MESOPOTAMIANanna, Syn Nabu, Nisaba, Gilgamesh Ishtar, InannaNergal, Erra/Yarri
IRANIla, Haoma Gayomart, Karshiptar NahidVishtasp, Veretragna
INDIASoma, Sarasvati Ashvins, Yama and Yami, Budha Ushas, Laxmi, Vishnu Skanda, Pushan, Rudra, Agni
SLAVSLel'a, Mes'ats, Kupava Stribog, BayanMakosh, Lada, Zhiva Yarila, Ruevit
BALTICSMeness Algis, JumisAustra, Laima Aitvaras
GERMANICSMani Loki, TuistoFreia, Frigg, Eostre Odin/Wodan
CHINAChan-E Fu-XiXi-Shen Guan-Di
INDIANS (american)Meztli, Ix-chel IctomiXochiqueatl Agresqui, Hiawatha
characteristicscycle of Moon, night light, birth, animals, motherhood, drink of immortality messenger of gods, trickster, trepassing taboos, language, writing, trade, predecessors, cultural heros morning star, dawn love, beaty, fecundity, abundance, main goddess, natural force war, fire element, wild nature, magic, wisdom, shepherd, commander, ideal leader


The table characterizes the typical qualities of planets in the signs according to particular images, each of which has it's own history and salient features. It may help to enlarge upon concrete astrological ideas.

MARS ARES furious ANATH warrior HERCULES hero AITVARAS fears RUDRA force SEKHMET exterminatrice
VENUS CYBELE passion BONA DEA benefits FORTUNA luck LAXMI happiness APHRODITE love ISIS fidelity
MERURY PROMETHEUS provisor BUDHA wise HERMES messenger VACH voice PHAETON daring SESHAT writing
MOON YARIKH herald SOMA immortality SARASVATI current LEL'A baby DIANA goddess TSUKUYOMI cleaning
SUN AMON unit SAVITAR awakening ASHVINS chariot SURYA help RA imperator AMATERASU securing
CERES ADONIS regeneration TELLUS motherearth RENENUTET regulation PERSEPHONE sacrifice DEMETER crops SITA furrow
PLUTO YAROVIT sprouts SERAPIS fecondity YAMA transgressor VELES animals PLUTOS plentity ERESHKIGAL pitiless
JUPITER PERUN thunder storm THOR mighty ZOROASTRE new order TLALOC rain ZEUS chief of gods BALU ruler of earth
SATURN YAHWEH guide ROD ancestor ENKI matter VESTA hearth ILU judge SPANDARMAT agriculture
URANUS ADAD tempest CHIAN firmanent SHU separation of sky ADITI infinity BRAHMA creation BAALSHAMEM host of heaven
NEPTUNE YAMMU revolt ARDVISURA fecon desourse PROTEUS changeability TRITA well OCEANUS world waters TEPHNUT soaking

PAN panic ERRA ferocity ATHENA frankness ODIN leader AGNI element NERGAL overcoming MARS
LADA wedlock EROS wish ISHTAR star FREIA hostess EOS dawn VISHNU fertility VENUS
FU-XI arranger ANUBIS guide of soul NABU knowledge THOTH calculation LOKI trickster YMIR duality MERCURY
MENESS change LILITH demon ARTEMIS hunter HEKATE magic SELENE clearness NANNA apprehension MOON
APPOLO art TONATIU light fordead HVARN reign ATUM recess HELIOS omniscience UTU protection SUN
DIKE fairness ERINYS vengeance TELEPINUS disorder MAAT just NISABA science DIONYSIUS vegetatio CERES
HEPHAESTUS skilful VOELUND liberation MITHRA treaty TERMIN terminal ILMARINEN invention PAN-GU dissipation CHIRON
KUBERA treasure keeper HADES hell OSIRIS subterrean sovereign DIS anti-god SHIVA destructor MUTU death PLUTO
HUANG-DI center INDRA winner of evil MARDUK father of gods HORUS height DYAUS day light BRIHASPATI priest JUPITER
DHARMA law PATOLS trampling KRONOS despot GEB demiurge ZERVAN time GAEA patience SATURN
JANUS two-faces ENLIL wind-sovereign AHURA-MAZDA superior SABAOTH world founder AN far VARUNA cosmic anarch URANUS
NOAH ark TIAMAT substanse POSEIDON sea souvereign NJORD depth APAS univers alwater NUN primar chaos NEPTUNE

One can view a horoscope through the picture of planet's characteristics to restore links with integrity of mythological thought and to pay attention to the immutable features of human nature.

Leningrad, 1991

Copyright © 1997, Semira & Vitaly Vetash
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